Will marijuana become legal in New York allowing this project?
Governor Cuomo has made marijuana legislation a top priority of the 2019 legislative session, and we are confident that cannabis legalization is coming soon. 


What type of jobs will be available?

Jobs and economic growth are the major focus of this project.  We expect to generate from 500 to 1,000 good paying jobs such as cannabis extraction technicians, master growers, researchers, product developers and lab technicians. SUNY Erie Community College has also agreed to develop curriculum to train the local workforce in the growing cannabis industry, right on campus. Upon approval,  we will immediately hold job fairs to expedite the hiring process.


How can we be certain that minority owned companies will equal at least 25% of the construction jobs?
Flora is committed to ensuring equity during all phases of the project and will sign a community benefits agreement as a good faith guarantee.


Will there be retail sales on the campus?
No retail sales will be allowed at the campus.


Will the company get tax breaks?
We will seek a tax agreement from the  Erie County Industrial Development Agency in order to participate in the Buffalo Brownfields Redevelopment Fund, provided that we demonstrate sufficient financing. 


Will this project disrupt traffic near the site?
All traffic plans and patterns must be reviewed and approved by applicable agencies to ensure safe, efficient vehicular flow, and we have taken extensive steps to minimize disruptions. The campus does not anticipate traffic issues.